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Update: still gay but I have a dick now 🐶🤷‍♂️

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I’m bacccckkkk (kinda) ft surgery date

So I had a huge social media break.

Honestly this was the best thing for my mental health, I got really reliant on outside validation and it was so good to just strip that away.

Long story short, I got my phalloplasty date (30th July!!) So this is basically gonna turn into a surgery blog. I’m not going to delete any old posts so if you want to just see me naked then you still can 🌸

I’ve started using Instagram again so that’s probably where I’ll be most active @soft_pup_

Errmm if I haven’t responded to asks etc while I’ve been silent then feel free to resend it. I think that’s it?

Idk have a picture of me being happy in Berlin

Laser hair removal patch test and consultation for phalloplastyOkay first things first, I’m…

Laser hair removal patch test and consultation for phalloplasty

Okay first things first, I’m okay with people sharing any of my phalloplasty related posts or saving them for whatever reason unless I explicitly say otherwise or I find out they’re being used for hateful purposes etc.

So on the 3rd of September, I travelled down to London for my laser consultation and patch test, my boyfriend managed to come up it me last minute which was nice because I was much more nervous than I expected to be.

We got the train to St Pancras and then caught the tube to Bond Street. Cristianos (the clinic I’m going to) is a little far from any underground station so if you have difficulty walking youight want to take this into consideration.

I chose this clinic because they have extensive knowledge of treating trans people so I travelled a little further but I think it’s worth it if it means getting treated with respect.

We were quite early so we had a small walk around and saw marble arch and went in about 15 minutes early. This was fine as her previous patient had just left. The lady I saw was called Sue and after she introduced herself she took us into the treatment room which doubles as an office. She was very softly spoken and the room was very softy lit which I appreciated because I was feeling a little overwhelmed.

Then we went through some paperwork which included hair and skin history and a series of questions that added up to a score which determines what the expected outcome could be. She then talked about some risks, complications and managing expectations and then asked for my consent.

My boyfriend then had to leave the room and go into the waiting area while she did a patch test.

She explained a little bit about the machine, put ice on my arm and some cooling gel and then we got started.

Their particular machine treats about a little fingers section of skin at a time which I didn’t expect beforehand.

She warned me that the flash might make me jump so I closed my eyes under the special glasses they give you. I think this helped as when she did it I really had to focus on it to even feel it. I was expecting a lot of pain but there was hardly any! She asked me to rate the pain put of ten and I gave her a 1-2. She said this was very good and meant she could alter the machine to make it stronger. She then did a few more patches and this time I rated it a 3-4 but overall very bearable!

She put a blob of aloe vera on my arm and asked me to rub it in. My arm calmed down instantly and I couldn’t really tell where she’d done it as my skin wasnt red and you have to wait for around two weeks to see any results.

This whole part was free of charge and she wasn’t pushy at all about booking with them. Although I did because I found it was exactly what I personally was looking for.

We then left, had a walk down Oxford street, had some food and came home!

Here’s a cute picture of us on the train back ?

Being that cute lil NB couple and having a date day ????

Being that cute lil NB couple and having a date day ????

I just booked my consultantation and patch test for laser hair removal on my donor site for the peen…

I just booked my consultantation and patch test for laser hair removal on my donor site for the peen and I am EXCITE

Lil trash puppy is GOING PLACES ?

Always the laziest pupper with the happiest tail❤️

Always the laziest pupper with the happiest tail❤️

Goff. ? Follow my IG: ali3n_aesthetic

Goff. ?

Follow my IG: ali3n_aesthetic

Trash baby ???

Trash baby ???

Lazy morning ??

Lazy morning ??

Tbt remember when I was cute?

Tbt remember when I was cute?